How to Tuck in Your Shirt so it’s Not so… Puffy…

how to tuck in shirt

Now that your shirt and pants are cleaned and pressed and look perfect, it’s time to put them on.

When you think of perfectly tucked in shirts, what comes to mind?

For us, it’s this:


Well, you don’t have to be in the military to look this sharp. There are some tricks you can use to get the same effect!!

1. Put your pants on!!

Seriously, though, start with your pants on but unbuttoned. You need to be able to quickly button them up after you prepare your shirt with the folds that make it look so perfect.

2. Pinch the side seams.

Between a thumb and forefinger, grab hold of the side seams and pull down, so the shirt is taut.

3. Fold toward your rear end.

Folding the seams toward your rear end will create pleats, causing the shirt to hug your body. The front of your shirt should be smooth, as though it was fit PERFECTLY to the shape of your body.

4. Button up, stud.

Button your pants up to preserve the pleats, which should sit somewhere behind your hips and travel up your back, just underneath the back of your armpits.

The military tuck is a great trick to make your shirt look like it was custom-fitted. Take note: it helps to have a stiffer fabric, so maybe consider some starch.

And if you don’t want to fold your shirt up military-style, you can always have it custom-tailored.