How to Look Amazing, and Save Precious Time

Businessman hurry to ironing his trouser becose time to go work
Ironing is a chore that few people enjoy, especially in the warmer months when you’d rather be outside having fun instead of inside sweating over a hot iron and board. If you did all of your ironing yourself for 2 hours regularly each week, you could spend over 104 hours a year ironing. With professional dry cleaning and ironing services from Embassy Cleaners, not only do you receive your clothes freshly cleaned, they’re also neatly pressed and ready for hanging.

Professional ironing services provide convenience

Professional hand-ironing services have become increasingly popular because of the great convenience it offers for today’s busy individuals. When you choose the hand ironing services of Embassy Cleaners, you have the the benefits of an easily accessible business that saves you time with an efficient, fast turnaround. When you drop off your items for dry cleaning and request hand ironing services, you know that your clothes will look sharp and be ready for wearing or hanging when you pick them up. Embassy Cleaners also offers ironing services for fine linens and tablecloths, which can be challenge to iron at home due to their larger size and delicate nature. For added convenience, request dry-cleaning pickup and delivery that works for your busy schedule.

Benefits of professional ironing services

Making a good first impression is essential in today’s world and wearing well-pressed, neat clothing is a great way to do that. Consistently wearing wrinkled clothing (unless made from a fabric specifically designed to have that look) can give the impression that you don’t take pride in yourself and can undermine your professional and personal life. Wearing ironed clothing can make you appear smarter, more in control and in possession of a polished fashion sense. It isn’t just clothing that benefit from ironing though. When items made of fabrics that require ironing never get ironed they can develop permanent wrinkles that can create weak spots in the fabric over time and lead to holes. This can happen in clothing, linens, or tablecloths and occurs frequently at hems and selvages. Having your high-quality fabric items ironed regularly after their cleaning helps preserve their appearance, form, and function.

Save yourself time and avoid the risk of damaging your clothing with an iron on the wrong setting by bringing your items to Embassy Cleaners for professional cleaning and hand ironing services.


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