How to Iron a Tee Shirt: One Trick to Avoid Ruining Your Tee Shirt

Previously we taught you how to iron a button-down shirt. Now, we’re focusing on tee shirts, and there’s one trick you’ll really want to pay attention to, because it’ll keep you from ruining your tee shirt.

1. Put the tee shirt on the ironing board
Place the ironing board inside the tee shirt, like your were dressing the ironing board with your tee shirt. Unlike a button-down shirt, you can’t open the front of the tee shirt, so the only way to iron one side at a time is to put the ironing board inside of it through the large opening at the bottom of the tee shirt. The goal is for the fabric to lie flat and not be too stretched.

2. Smooth out the wrinkles
Before your iron out the wrinkles, smoothing them out with your hands is a great way to prepare the tee shirt. Make sure the tee shirt is flat, but not stretched around the ironing board.

3. Iron the tee shirt (correctly)
Here’s the big trick: Instead of moving the iron in circular, arc motions as you press, there should be no movement at all. Instead, press the hot iron to the fabric of the tee shirt for long enough to remove the wrinkles, and then lift it up and press on another spot. Moving the iron around can easily pull and tug on the fabric of the tee shirt, causing it to stretch and become deformed.

4. Rotate the shirt and continue until the entire shirt is ironed
There isn’t really a best order to the steps like when ironing a button-down shirt, so just make sure you iron all the wrinkles out without stretching the material of the tee shirt.

5. Lay the shirt flat
After the tee shirt is ironed, lay it flat to let it cool.

6. Fold or hang
Now that the shirt is ironed, you can fold it up gently or hang it until you want to wear it.

And that’s it!!! Though it’s pretty simple, remember, if you want a professional to do it, get in touch!! =)