How to Dress for a Job Interview

Job Interview Clothing

Interviewing for a new job can be a stressful experience for anyone and it’s vital that you make a positive and memorable first impression on your potential future employers. While many practice what they’re going to say and prepare for unexpected questions, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important parts of a good first impression: what you’re wearing. Dressing for the job you want is essential to impressing your job interviewers. Even though it seems outdated, people still judge by appearance, so make sure your appearance is sharp, professional, and on-point for the job you’re seeking.

Professional colors

To appear professional, stick to sophisticated colors such as black, navy or taupe. Some nice dress pants, a dress shirt, and tie for men, and dress pants or skirt and blouse for women give a good first impression. You can add a bit of color into your outfit with a tie for men and a colorful blouse or accessories for women, and always make sure you’re clothing is freshly cleaned, pressed, and free of stains.

Simple accessories

Although wearing a loud tie or large, statement jewelry will definitely leave a memorable impression on your potential employers, it may not be a positive impression. Keep it simple with a nice watch for men and simple earrings, necklace, and bracelet for women.

Proper footwear

The shoes you wear for the interview are the foundation of your outfit and need to be stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable. Choose quality footwear such as dress shoes for men and closed toe flats or heels for women.

Conservative choices

Just as men shouldn’t wear muscle shirts and sweats to an interview, women should avoid wearing sleeveless, plunging tops and overly short skirts to interviews. Conservative is best for an interview, no matter what type of job you’re applying for.

Dress for the season

Dress in clothing that’s the right weight for the season so you’re not sweating in the summer or freezing in the winter. Although most offices are climate controlled, you don’t want to shiver or sweat on the way there and appear disheveled, so wear layers in cool weather and skip the coat in the heat.

The right fabrics

As you’ll be nervous during the interview, select fabrics that breathe and don’t wrinkle easily. The right clothing fabrics, such as those with a close weave, means you won’t walk into the interview with sweat marks or a wrinkled shirt, blouse, pants or skirt.

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