How To Clean Suede Shoes In Minutes

how to clean suede shoes

Suede shoes are all the rage right now and it’s no wonder why! With their soft texture and wide array of pastel-like colors, they can complete any outfit!

Unfortunately, the material can also get dirty easily. But don’t let that keep you from wearing your suede shoes!

Here are a few tips on how to clean suede shoes.

An Overview on How to Clean Suede Shoes

Cleaning suede is different from cleaning leather and other materials because suede fibers absorb more of the mess. Suede is also more prone to getting dusty, and you can’t simply wipe it off the majority of the dust like you can with regular leather. You also can’t clean suede with water.

Be Proactive

Before you wear your suede shoes, you should spray them with a suede protector. These sprays make your shoes waterproof and easier to clean in the future. Brush the shoe after spraying to restore the texture.

Reapply the suede protector each time you clean your shoes.

Brush the Fabric

If you get something on your shoes, let it dry. You might panic and want to remove the mess immediately, but that may only cause it to spread. Letting it dry will contain the mess and make it easier to clean.

Once dry, you can start to brush off the excess mess. Using a suede brush will clear the mess and help refluff the suede fabric.

Brush gently in one direction to remove the initial mess and then brush more firmly in both directions to loosen the dirt from the fibers.

Use a Suede Eraser

Once you’ve brushed the majority of the stain away, there may be some additional dirt that’s harder to remove. Firmly rub a suede eraser from a suede cleaning kit over the stain for several minutes until the stain is gone.

It’s best to do this step outside or over a trashcan because the eraser makes a mess.

Treat Stains with Household Products

If you still see a stain, it’s time to break out the white vinegar or rubbing alcohol! These products won’t stain your suede like water will, and will help lift the remainder of the stain from the fabric.

Simply pour one of the solutions onto a white washcloth and dab at the stain. This will help lift the rest of the mess from the fibers. Let it dry and try brushing away the rest of the stain.

Professional Suede Cleaners

These tips on how to clean suede shoes will have you back on your feet quickly, but you still may find yourself hesitant to take on the project. If you’re afraid to clean the shoes yourself or have a particularly difficult stain, contact us at one of our three locations and our professionals will take care of it!

Be sure to check out our blog regularly to answer all your cleaning questions!

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