Getting to Grips with Dry Cleaning: When, Where, Why and How?

Dry cleaner cleaning clothes pick up and delivery drop off

How often do you take your clothes to the dry cleaners? A lot of people avoid it because they feel it inconveniences them. They don’t buy clothes that say “dry clean only” or they take a risk by washing them at home. If there’s a stubborn stain they can’t remove, they give up and stop wearing or using the damaged item. But dry cleaning doesn’t have to be something you go out of your way to do. With a handy pick-up and drop-off service like ours, you don’t even need to leave the house. If you’re not convinced, you should look at the how and why of getting things dry cleaned.

When Do You Need a Dry Cleaner?

Many people look at the washing instructions on clothes and other fabrics and aren’t sure what to think. The label says “dry clean only” but your first thought is, “Really, though?”. Sometimes you can’t see the need in dry cleaning something when you could risk putting it into your delicate wash or even hand washing it. However, if you decide to take this risk, prepare to damage something forever. You should dry cleaning everything with a label telling you to do it. Also, you should also get lined clothing professionally cleaned. If the fabric might shrink or leak color, don’t just throw it into your washing machine.

Why Do You Need a Dry Cleaner?

If you accept that you should dry clean certain items, you might still be wondering why. You accept that you should do it, but part of you is still resisting. There are some crucial reasons to dry clean clothes and other fabrics. Firstly, dry cleaning can help to keep the shape of a garment. For example, a pleated skirt could lose its folds if you don’t dry clean it. You also need to protect some fabrics from shrinking and bleeding color. One of the main reasons for dry cleaning, even if the care instructions don’t say to do it, is to remove stains. The quicker you get a stained item to the dry cleaners, the better.

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

Dry cleaning isn’t actually dry. The reason it is called “dry” is that it doesn’t involve water; instead, it uses other chemical compounds. So your clothes will still get wet when they’re being washed! The process uses solvents and machines to get your clothes clean without damaging them the way washing at home would. Some dry cleaners also do wet cleaning, which involves the use of water. It is regarded as more environmentally-friendly, so it might be an option you want to explore.

Where Should You Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned?

Choosing a dry cleaner can be hard. If you’re handing over a garment you love, you have to be able to trust them. Start by looking at the services they offer, such as pick-up and drop-off or wet cleaning. Don’t forget to check out reviews and testimonials from past customers. Seeing how satisfied their customers are is one of the best ways of finding a dry cleaner you love.

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