Get the Most Out of Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Pickup Service

For your delicate, dry clean only and special occasion clothing, you know that taking them to a dry cleaner is essential to protect their shape, color, and fit. What you may not know is that there are ways to maximize your dry cleaning results before you even drop off your clothing at Embassy Cleaners, or better yet have it picked up and dropped back off by using our dry cleaning pick up and delivery service. With a few pre-dry cleaning steps, you can help improve the chances of effective stain removal and ensure that your dry-cleaned clothes come back to you in perfect shape and ready to wear for the next occasion.

Trust professionals for stain treatment

Stains happen, and sometimes you have to treat them immediately to avoid damage, but it’s best to avoid home remedies and bring the clothing items to your dry cleaner for effective stain removal. Dry cleaning experts have a thorough understanding of different materials and the best type of spot treatment to prevent damage and discoloration.

Clean rayon and silk after every use

The delicate nature of silk and rayon means that your garments made out of those materials require cleaning after every use. Make sure you send all your outfit pieces together for cleaning to ensure they maintain their matching appearance.

Mention stains

When you drop off your dry clean items, mention any stains to the dry cleaner so they can spend the necessary time removing them properly.

Point out ornamentation

If your items have glass buttons or fragile ornamentation, point it out to the dry cleaner so they can practice extra care when handling and cleaning those areas.

Clean clothes before storing

Before you store your clothing for the season, have them professionally dry cleaned to remove any food particles on the items that can attract moths and other pests. Dry cleaning favorite items before storage help ensure that they’re ready to wear when you pull them out again.

Embassy Cleaners has the experience and knowledge to clean all your delicate, dry clean only and special occasion clothing safely and effectively. You can drop off your items, or we also offer dry cleaning pickup and delivery for your convenience.


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