Fireproofing – NYC – Fireproofing Draperies in a Restaurant

We recently finished fireproofing the curtains in a beautiful restaurant in NYC called The Leopard at des Artistes.

When they bought and renovated the place in 2011, new draperies were installed.

They went with a gorgeous, loose weave linen fabric for the draperies. While high quality and beautiful, this fabric is not pre-treated to render them fire resistant. Certain synthetic drapery fabrics are inherently fire retardant (IFR), however natural-fiber draperies such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc., require manual application of fire retardant in order to render them fire resistant.

Recently, the Fire Marshal came in to do an inspection and noticed the draperies were not up to fireproofing standards. In order to avoid a violation, The Leopard needed to have their draperies fireproofed immediately by a company certified to apply fireproofing agents and also award fireproofing certificates.

So they called us.

When we met the owners of The Leopard and examined their draperies in their restaurant, we informed them that before we could apply fireproofing agents to the fabric of the draperies, we needed to clean them thoroughly. If the fabric is dirty, the fireproofing agents won’t properly absorb into the fibers, and the fabric won’t pass the field flame test, resulting in a violation.

So, we got to work, and only had one day to clean the draperies and apply fireproofing agents so they would pass the field flame test.

And we did it!!

We cleaned the drapes using a wet-cleaning method with specially designed equipment that cleans draperies on-site, right where they hang. We then had to dry the draperies thoroughly so that the fireproofing agents would properly absorb into the fabric, so we used high velocity air movers (really big fans) in order to accelerate the drying process.

When the Fire Marshal returned, The Leopard was able to present him with a certificate of fireproofing!

We are really happy to have helped The Leopard ensure the safety of their guests and award them their fireproofing certificate.

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