Everything You Need to Know About Curtain Cleaning

professional curtain cleaning

We all know about the importance of cleaning our homes. But, some people don’t usually take the time to clean their curtains! As you know, the job of a curtain is to keep light out and heat in a room. In the summer, we can draw our curtains to keep our bedrooms cool during the day. They also increase the amount of privacy we can enjoy in our homes.

We don’t pay much attention to our curtains because we don’t use them a lot as such. After all; we open them in the morning and draw them in the evening. That’s it! They don’t get used several times a day. And they don’t usually have dirt or marks on them.

So, why is it such a big deal to keep on top of our curtain cleaning? Well, you might not know it, but there are several reasons why you need to clean your curtains:

  • They reduce allergies. The downside to dirty curtains is they are havens for allergens like pollen and mold;
  • Dust levels get kept low. If you hit a clean curtain while holding it with one hand, the air won’t get filled with dust;
  • They smell good. Curtains that are clean will not add any foul odors into the room;
  • They look great. You may have got used to gray curtains. But, if you clean them, it might shock you to learn you have white ones. They were just dirty!

Another advantage of regular curtain cleaning is that your drapes will last longer. Now you don’t need to keep buying expensive curtains every year or so!

How to clean your curtains

It might surprise you to learn that curtain maintenance isn’t that hard or expensive! First of all, you need to vacuum them to remove any dust and other allergens. The next thing you do will depend on the type of curtains you’ve got.

Some drapes are machine-washable. With that in mind, use a gentle cycle on your washing machine and appropriate detergent. Others may need professional cleaning. For such curtains, you can count on Embassy Cleaners to restore them back to their former glory.

There may be a need to take extra steps depending on the materials used in your curtains. And you might have to take extra care to resolve any stain or sun damage.

Special materials

If you can’t wash your drapes in the washing machine, Embassy Cleaners can cleanse them for you. It’s a useful service if there are marks or stains on them. For routine maintenance, just brush them lightly with a wet chamois cloth.

How to avoid discoloration

The biggest enemy a pair of curtains has aren’t householders, believe it or not! The sun can end up fading materials over time, just like it does with paper, for example.

To prevent discoloration, it’s important to wash your curtains gently. And when it comes to drying, hang them up rather than sticking them in the dryer.

Should you dry clean your curtains?

There might be some cases where the instructions on the label recommend dry cleaning. These are usually for curtains that have special patterns or use particular materials.

Other curtains are machine-washable. Be sure always to follow the cleaning instructions on the label attached to your drapes.

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