How to Double The Life of Your Carpet and Save Thousands

How to double the life of your carpet by cleaning

It’s no secret that buying new carpets can often turn into a big expense. It’s also a common fact that fitting new carpets often means you have to spend three or four-figure sums. However, what you may not know is that you can avoid having to do that!

When we go to the expense of buying a new carpet, we want to ensure its longevity. So, what are the secrets of doing so? Well, it turns out there are some powerful ways you can take advantage of to double the life of your carpet! Here is what you need to know:

Vacuum Your Carpets Twice a Week

Dirt, dust, and other unsightly particles can make your carpet their new home. Over time, layers of those particles can give your carpets a dull appearance. Also, it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and all other kinds of domestic nasties!

One simple way to minimize the risk of those things happening is to vacuum your carpets twice a week. And it goes without saying that your vacuum cleaner should have a clean filter and empty dust bag. That way, its suction capabilities will be at their strongest.

When you vacuum your carpets, don’t complete the job in the fastest time possible. You should take the time to vacuum. That way, your vacuum cleaner can pick up more dirt. Also, complete one pass in low-traffic areas and two to three in high-traffic ones.

Use Walk-off Mats Inside and Outside of Homes and Offices

When people enter a room from outdoors, they can use mats to clean their shoes as they walk inside. That way, there is a lower chance of dirt getting brought onto interior carpets. Walk-off mats are cheap to buy and easy to clean.

Remove Your Shoes When You Enter Your House

One thing you could do is take off your shoes as soon as you enter your home. It might seem off or inconvenient to some. But, it’s a practical way to keep your carpets lasting longer. It also means that your carpets won’t get damaged by the heels from shoes. Especially high heels!

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Over time, your carpets will end up losing the appearance they once had when new, even if you have a regular carpet cleaning regime. The best way to bring some life back into your carpets is by getting them cleaned.

The process involves specialist hot water extraction systems. These are commercial devices that clean your carpets with a particular chemical agent. They are pH-neutral solutions that won’t damage the color or vibrancy of your carpets.

It goes without saying that you should remove any furniture or other items beforehand. That way, the work will be quicker to complete, minimizing any inconvenience at the time.

The amount of times you have your carpets professionally cleaned will depend on use. If the carpets are in areas such as offices or retail stores, they will need cleaning more often. But, a typical home will only need the treatment once or twice a year.

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