The Definitive Guide To Dealing With Smoke Damage

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Smoke damage can cause all kinds of problems in the home. Some of the things homeowners can experience include kitchen fires and blocked fireplace flues. And, of course, electrical fires. Those problems and more can cause a lot of smoke damage to your home. The thing about smoke is that it can cover everything and make your property smell.

Smoke can cause long-lasting damage the longer it doesn’t get treated. That’s why it is important to tackle any smoke damage as soon as possible. Here are some handy tips to help you clear up any smoke damage and get your home back to normal again:

Wear Safety Equipment

Before you get started, it’s crucial that you avoid damaging your health. Be sure to wear a safety mask, eye goggles, and protective gloves. That way, you keep smoke particles off your skins and clothes. And you don’t have to worry about adversely affecting your lungs in the process.

Ventilate your Home

Once there is no sign of a fire in your home, or your chimney flue is open, you need to start ventilating your property. Doing so will lower the risk of permanent smoke damage to your home.

For a start, open ALL your doors and windows. Ensure that your HVAC systems aren’t switched on (as doing so will spread the smoke to other areas). You should consider renting some industrial fans and face them towards doors and windows. Doing so will help to extract the smoky air from your home and vent it out into the atmosphere.

Vacuum any Soot

Next, you should rent an industrial vacuum cleaner. The aim is to suck up any loose soot and ash from your furniture, curtains and carpets. The trick is to aim the nozzle at the soot but not push it down. Otherwise, you risk causing permanent stain damage from the soot.

Be sure to rent the most powerful shop vacuum cleaner you can get. That way, you have a greater chance of picking up the most amount of soot from your surfaces.

Deep Clean all Surfaces

The next stage of the clean-up operation will involve deep cleaning all your surfaces. Examples include furniture, kitchen counters, and tables. If any items have heavy smoke damage on them, you may need to replace them.

This deep cleaning stage will also involve wiping down walls and ceilings. First, wipe any soot away with a dry sponge. Next, use some vinegar spray on stubborn surface stains.

Get Professionals to Deal with Extensive Smoke Damage

By now, you will have removed most of the smoke damage from your home. The trouble is, there will be some jobs that you can’t tackle alone. At that point, it’s worth calling Embassy Cleaners to give you a helping hand.

We are experts at removing smoke damage from a variety of fabrics. The things we often tackle include furnishings, window coverings, and clothing. We have a professional cleaning facility that can remove marks and odors caused by smoke and soot. So, how can we treat your smoke-damaged fabrics?

First of all, our innovative ozone facility completely neutralizes smoke odors. We then use a range of accredited smoke-removal technologies to repair smoke damaged fabrics. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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