The Benefits of a Getting a Custom Tailored Dress

custom tailored dress

At Embassy Cleaners, in-house tailors have a combined experience of 78 years. There’s no better place than Embassy Cleaners in Westchester, NY for custom tailoring dresses, as well as a variety of other garments. Custom tailoring consists of much more than simply shortening a hem on a dress. Custom tailoring is about maximizing the comfort and fit of the existing dress for the woman who wears it. Your custom tailors may suggest changes that can transform the dress from something that looks mildly good on you to something that looks like it was made only for you! Here are some of the many benefits of getting a custom tailored dress.

A Custom Tailored A Dress Is More Attractive On The Wearer

Before the days of mass production, women wore bespoke dresses. These were dresses that were custom made according to the individual measurements of the woman. Bespoke dresses were guaranteed to look attractive on the wearer because every panel, every seam, and every dart was sewn to fit her body with precision. Today, off the rack dresses in standard sizes are purchased instead. But women’s bodies have not become more standard. They are just as individual as in the past. With a custom tailored dress by Embassy Cleaners, a woman can wear an off the rack dress that fits almost as well as if it was bespoke.

A Custom Tailored Dress Can Make an Inexpensive Dress Look High End

Having Embassy Cleaners do custom dress tailoring is an easy way to make a dress look pricier than it was. Custom tailoring a dress can include changing or adding a chic collar, adding embellishments, updating the hemline and sleeves, and altering the fit, so it looks like it was custom made. This level of custom tailoring can transform an off the rack dress into one that looks like it was a much larger investment.

Custom Tailoring Makes a Dress More Durable

Today’s off the rack dresses are frequently made with inferior materials or accessories. With custom dress tailoring, Embassy Cleaners can make a dress more durable by adding linings or facings, changing or adding buttons, clasps, zippers, and more. You can easily take a favorite garment and make it more durable, so it will last longer when you invest in custom tailoring at Embassy Cleaners.

Custom Tailoring a Dress Makes it Fit Well Over Time

Over time, your changing body might not be able to fit into your favorite dresses the way you used to. Instead of giving up your most beloved dresses, or relegating them to the back of the closet, get renewed life out of them with custom dress tailoring. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how custom dress tailoring at Embassy Cleaners in Westchester, NY can transform your dress into one that still fits you like a glove, despite weight gain or loss. Let the magic of the three experienced tailors at Embassy Cleaners work to help keep you wearing your favorite dresses.

Embassy Cleaners custom tailoring services are available for your brand new or currently owned dresses. For a free consultation or to get started right away, contact Embassy Cleaners at one of their three convenient locations in the Westchester, NY area.

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