Blood On Your Roman Shades? Who You Gonna Call?

Ghost Busters!! No wait…

Embassy Cleaners!!!

Here’s the story:

Last week we got a call from one of the best-known and most-respected drapery workrooms in the industry.

Seriously… They work on homes owned by millionaires, billionaires, maybe even kabillionaires… And they work with designers who service this clientele.

They had just finished this huge project where they fabricated and installed very high end window treatments for 55 windows in a brand new house in Fairfield County, CT.

Fifty. Five. Windows.


This was a big project with expensive fabrics, and the designer working the job was one of the drapery workroom’s most important clients.

The drapery workroom was so excited to tell us how they managed to get every single detail right: the exacting measurements, matching up patters, precise sewing, proper installation, etc., but then they got a photo emailed to them by the designer, and the fabric of their entire being nearly came undone (translation: the drapery workroom was pretty unhappy..).

This is the photo:


Yeah… That’s blood. On the roman shade.

Apparently one of the installation guys must have cut himself and inadvertently gotten blood on the fabric.

The drapery workroom was calling to explain the problem and to see if we could help.

We immediately reduced their stress by urging them not to worry—telling them we are REALLY good at removing stains, and that we’d love for them to bring the stained roman shade into our workroom where we have a lot of spot cleaning tools at our disposal.

But they told us they couldn’t bring in the roman shade because they were motorized!!

Too risky to move, we decided to go on-site to remove the stain.

Hey… The ghosts didn’t deliver themselves to the Ghostbusters…

So we went there and worked on the blood-stained roman shade using our on-site spot-cleaning tools!! And it worked like a charm!!


#StainRemoved #ProblemSolved #HappyClient

And as icing on the cake, the designer on this huge project was so happy she contacted us to see if we could clean a fancy silk lampshade and a fancy upholstered chair at the very same home.

We said, “Who ELSE you gonna call? Of course!! We’d love to!!”

Need stains removed?