Back to School Dry Cleaning Tips

Back to school clothing cleaning and tailoring
The time of back to school stress, anxiety, excitement, and mayhem is fast approaching and parents are frantically shopping for school supplies and clothing. Fortunately, with a few helpful tips, parents can prepare themselves for unexpected clothing related emergencies and salvage children’s clothing with the help of alterations and stain treatments. With Embassy Cleaners on your side with tailoring and dry cleaning services, back to school can be easier on everyone as you save time and money.


When children return to school, they’re susceptible to all sorts of new stains they don’t usually deal with during the summer. Knowing how to treat and remove stains including glue, markers, pen, and pencil helps parents preserve and protect their children’s clothing so they at least last one whole season. To treat pen stains, soaking items in a stain treatment overnight may help. For pencil marks, sometimes an eraser will get them out prior to soaking, but parents need to make sure they use a clean eraser to avoid making the stain worse. School related stains can be especially challenging to deal with and if you’re unsure how to proceed, bring the item to Embassy Cleaners for professional stain removal and cleaning.


Children grow quickly and this often means hand-me-downs for multiple-children families. Even without passed down clothing from older siblings, children may be able to wear their clothing through a growth spurt with the help of professional alterations. Alterations are a good alternative to buying a new wardrobe every few months and can even be used to make hand-me-downs fit their new owners better. Tailors can alter pants that children have outgrown into shorts for summer and modify long sleeve shirts that no longer reach the wrist into short sleeve shirts.

Ripped or torn clothing

It’s frustrating when children come home with rips in their new clothing from something that happened at school. Fortunately, tailoring and alterations can repair tears and rips in some items and extend their life instead of condemning them to the trash or rag pile.

Set-in stains

Sometimes when you store school clothing from one year to the next, you can miss stains on items as you’re packing them away. Finding these stains months later doesn’t mean they’re untreatable even though they’ve had time to incorporate in the clothing fibers. Dry cleaning is the best option for removing old, set-in stains as cleaning experts have the knowledge to analyze the stain and effectively remove it if possible. Make sure you point out any stains when dropping off your children’s dry cleaning items.

Back to school can be less stressful as far as clothing is concerned when you know you have the expertise of Embassy Cleaners to clean and bring out the best in your clothing.


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  1. We just sent our kid to school for the first time this year and we’ve been dealing with pencil and glue stains nonstop since, so thanks for the helpful tips. I really like how you remind people to use a clean eraser when trying to get rid of pencil stains, we learned that the hard way. It can be a bit of a pain to get some stains out, but if you know what you’re doing than it isn’t that bad.

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