All About Clothing Stains

clothing stains tips

Help us help you

Bring a stained garment to us as soon as you can!! The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove it.

Let us know of any stain removal methods you’ve already tried before turning to us for help.

Never iron a piece of clothing with a stain on it. We know, you want to wear it once more to dinner before having it professionally cleaned, but try to avoid the urge. Ironing a garment that has even the smallest stain can result in permanent damage, setting the stains in for good (and that’s bad).

If you Try to rub it out, you’re only gonna rub it in

This is its own section because it’s something most people do as soon as something stains their clothing: They grab a napkin and they start rubbing the stain, trying to get it out. What is actually happening is that it’s being rubbed IN.

Invisible stains make us AND your clothing look bad

Have you ever taken clothing to the dry cleaners and had it come back with a stain that wasn’t there when you brought it in? There’s a good chance it was actually already there, but it was invisible. Sometimes stains don’t show up until they’re exposed to heat, or until they simply experience enough time. You know how an apple turns brown when it’s left out? That’s oxidation. And it can happen with substances spilled on your clothing. Even if what you spilled seems to be invisible, let us know what it was and where you spilled it.

Sometimes your whites can turn yellow, and there’s NOTHING to do about it…

We know… That’s a Debbie Downer moment… But it’s true. Sometimes unstable whiteners are used by manufacturers of clothing, and atmospheric stimuli can break them down, causing once-vibrant whites to look dull and even yellowed.

You’re a sweaty mess, and it’s ruining your clothing, plus other substances that are damaging

Sorry.. We don’t mean to call you names. Fact is, everyone sweats. But those that care about their clothing do one thing that extends its lifespan: They clean their soiled clothing promptly. Sweat is acidic, and leaving it on your clothing can cause permanent damage. And not to unload a ton of bad news on you all at once, but sweat isn’t the only acid that’s harming your clothing. Others include: deodorant, antiperspirant, and fruit juices.

In addition to acid, alcohol is also harmful to your clothing. Perfume, cologne, aftershave, hairspray… All can damage your clothing.

Alkaline substances aren’t good for your clothing either. Cleaning products, detergents, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap can be invisible until enough time has passed or the garment is exposed to heat, like from a dryer or iron.

If the fabric is wool, salt can be a problem. Have you ever been walking and some street water splashed up on you? If it’s in the winter, chances are it contains salt. Sweating also contains salt. Salt left untreated can change the color of your clothing.

And lastly, permanent wave solution… We know, it’s not the 80’s anymore, but if you happen to get a perm, you can damage your clothing if you don’t clean it properly and promptly. It’s a dead giveaway that a perm is responsible for the damage when found around the neckline and down the back of the garment.

What we can do to help

Upon receiving garments that have a stain, we will try to remove the stains according to the industry best practices. But it’s not always successful, and it’s most likely because…
* The stain was left too long and it’s now oxidized and set in the fabric.
* The garment is made of a material that is very delicate and unable to be cleaned with the more aggressive techniques.
* The dye in the fabric is soluble, and stain removal processes would remove not only the stain, but the color from the fabric.

If you have a stain, remember to bring it to us ASAP. The longer it sits, the less likely it can be removed. And never, ever put clothes away dirty. When the seasons change, have your clothing cleaned before you store them away for next year.

If you have any questions about stain removal, get in touch!! =)