Prepping Your Home for the Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived and along with festive feelings come the inevitable stress of preparing your home for entertaining family and friends. Don’t panic! Break down the tasks into manageable segments to prevent feeling overwhelmed and enlist help whenever you can. Accommodating guests When you’re planning on hosting family and/or friends for an extended stay at your home, extra … Read More

Thanksgiving Means Clothing Stains – Some Tips to Get You Clean

How to get a stain out of clothing

We’ve written about clothing stains in the past, but in case you missed it, here are a few tips you can start using right away: Help us help you Bring us your stained clothing asap, because the longer a stain sits, the more damaging it becomes. Don’t try rubbing your stain out Did you know that rubbing a stain out can … Read More

Tips for DIY Carpet and Rug Cleaning

diy carpet cleaning

When your rugs and carpet look dirty, it’s because the fibers have been coated with dirt and particulates that have been building up. Most dirt is caused by foot traffic, with people’s shoes bringing in grime and then rubbing it deep into the fibers. When this grime begins to build up, it can start wearing away and even cutting into … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Your Favorite White Button-Down Looking Fresh

white button down shirt

It’s a staple of your wardrobe, an easy go-to match for a quick outfit. It’s an adaptable friend and a professional statement. It’s your favorite white button-down shirt, and while this steady standby of your closet may be far from bulletproof, we have a few tips that can help you keep it fresh and ready to go at a moment’s … Read More

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Totally Wrong [VIDEO with transcript]

man dressed wrong

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Totally Wrong by buzzfeedvideo 1. Don’t just push up your sleeves or roll them up like a politician. Try the master sleeve roll: 2. Don’t wear jeans that are too large or too tight.  If you can fit two fingers comfortably between the hip and the waistband, you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit. … Read More

How to Iron a Tee Shirt: One Trick to Avoid Ruining Your Tee Shirt

Previously we taught you how to iron a button-down shirt. Now, we’re focusing on tee shirts, and there’s one trick you’ll really want to pay attention to, because it’ll keep you from ruining your tee shirt. 1. Put the tee shirt on the ironing board Place the ironing board inside the tee shirt, like your were dressing the ironing board … Read More

I need my shirt ironed NOW: How to Iron Your Own Shirt

Properly ironing a shirt is an art form. That’s why you are always better off having it ironed professionally. Unless, of course, you need your shirt ironed RIGHT NOW… Here is how to iron your own shirt when you find yourself having no choice but to do it yourself. Prepare the shirt 1. Start with a freshly laundered shirt Upon … Read More

All About Clothing Stains

clothing stains tips

Help us help you Bring a stained garment to us as soon as you can!! The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove it. Let us know of any stain removal methods you’ve already tried before turning to us for help. Never iron a piece of clothing with a stain on it. We know, you want to … Read More