Tips for Buying the Perfect Rug

To keep your home looking its best, you enlist the help of professional carpet and rug cleaning, but sometimes a rug is beyond help and requires replacing. While you could go out and grab the first thing that catches your eye, if you want your new rug to last and retain its beauty, it’s a good idea to do some … Read More

Tips for Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn leaves over wooden background

Although the crisp temperatures of autumn haven’t arrived quite yet, it’s still a good time to start working on your fall to-do list to get your home ready for the change of seasons. Autumn brings more reasons to gather in your home including watching sporting events and partaking in holiday meals and starting early on important fall tasks mean you … Read More

Upholstery Cleaning NYC – Common Fabrics Found in Homes

Upholstery Cleaning NYC

When it comes to interior decorating, you may not always consider how easy or difficult it is to clean your chosen designer fabrics. Expressing your personal taste is important in your interior décor, but it doesn’t hurt to know what to watch for when you’re selecting a piece of furniture, style of drape or carpet material so you know what … Read More

Removing Football Snack Stains From Your Carpets

We can remove stains that happen while watching football

Football season is upon us, which means social gatherings around the television complete with delicious snacks and drinks. Unfortunately, in the exuberance of exciting plays, touchdowns and bad calls, accidents inevitably happen and soda, dips, wings and other snacks end up fumbled onto the carpets. To avoid carpet stains that can ruin the enjoyment of the game, here are few … Read More

Spring Cleaning: Professional Carpet, Drapery, and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning New York

It’s time to embrace spring and erase all traces of winter with a thorough cleaning of your home’s interior. Undoubtedly, traffic through your home during winter has embedded salt, sand, and dirt into your rugs and carpets, and family gatherings indoors have left more than a few stains on your floor coverings. Your furniture has enjoyed frequent use as you … Read More

How to ACTUALLY Clean Milk and Cereal from Carpet

remove milk from carpet

Over on the How to Clean Stuff blog, we ran across a post about how to clean milk and cereal from carpet. While we enjoy this blog very much and agree with a lot of what they recommend regarding how to clean stuff, we did want to add our two cents with regards to how to clean milk and cereal from … Read More

Professional Carpet Cleaning is the Best Way to Preserve your Beautiful Carpet

carpet cleaning westchester ny

Last week we shared some tips for do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. Now, we want to share the importance of having your carpets cleaned professionally on occasion to preserve their beauty and prolong their lifespan. From our website: Professional Rug & Carpet Cleaning Professional rug and carpet cleaning is crucial if you want your flooring to remain in good condition. That’s because … Read More