7 Effective Ways to Clean Up Floodwater

floodwater in home

Coming home to a flooded basement or a soggy living room can leave your head spinning, wondering where even to start. Whether flood water enters your house due to sewer problems, a frozen pipe that burst, or a natural disaster, it requires your immediate attention. After calling your insurance agent, take photos of the damage, and then begin with these … Read More

Learning How to Clean Your Shag Rug

clean shag rug

Incorporating a rug into your decor plan is a fun way to add to the style and comfort of your home. However, regular cleaning of your rug is key to keeping those rugs looking stylish. Unlike low pile rugs, a shag rug isn’t easily cleaned with the quick swipe of a vacuum. Shag rugs, which continue to grow in popularity, … Read More

7 Tips on Cleaning Your Area Rug

clean area rug

Area rugs add warmth and coziness to a room, especially those with tile or hardwood floors. However, as area rugs are often integrated into high-traffic areas, they may succumb to a buildup of dirt, dust, and grime. Proper rug care is determined by material, construction, and size. When deciding on the best way to clean your area rugs, keep these … Read More

How to Effectively Remove Pet Stains and Odor

remove pet stains and odor

Pet stains and odor can ruin your home’s look and feel. Although you obviously love your pet, having to deal with a stain or odor that you can’t get rid of is frustrating. Every pet has an accident every now and again, but it doesn’t have to ruin your carpet or upholstery. Here is how to effectively remove pet stains … Read More

Valuable Tips on Carpet Cleaning in Westchester NY

carpet cleaning in westchester ny

Carpet cleaning is without a doubt a vital aspect of every household’s chore schedule. Weekly vacuuming removes dirt, allergens, and dust from the top layer of the carpet while spot cleaning can remove light stains; however, there is more to carpet cleaning than just vacuuming and spot cleaning. Dust and dirt can penetrate deep below the surface of the carpet … Read More

How Much Does It Cost You To Clean Your Home By Yourself?

deep cleaning service nyc

Keeping up with basic cleaning maintenance in your home may not take you a lot of time, especially if you take the time to clean on a regular basis. However, when it comes to deep cleaning, it is an entirely different story. Time is money and you can spend a lot of time trying to deep clean your home and … Read More

Giving Your Home or Business New Life with Various Cleaning Services

professional cleaning service nyc

Your home or business always looks better after you have it cleaned or clean it yourself, right? However, cleaning a home or business usually just entails the essential components of cleaning and does not get to the root of the dirt. You already feel better once you do a light cleaning in the area so imagine how much better you … Read More

5 Reasons to Pick a Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service

professional rug carpet cleaning service

Cleaning carpets are no one’s favorite job. It involves a lot of hard work and can also cause back pain from being down on your hands and knees for so long! So there is no wonder why many people choose to get a professional cleaner to clean all their carpets and rugs. So why continue to struggle on your own? … Read More

How to Double The Life of Your Carpet and Save Thousands

How to double the life of your carpet by cleaning

It’s no secret that buying new carpets can often turn into a big expense. It’s also a common fact that fitting new carpets often means you have to spend three or four-figure sums. However, what you may not know is that you can avoid having to do that! When we go to the expense of buying a new carpet, we … Read More

When To Panic Because of a Carpet Stain

cleaning carpet stain

When you want to have a clean house, a carpet stain can be a nightmare. You want your home or office to look beautiful. Yet, there’s that stain, on the floor, almost staring at you. You can cover it up with a rug, but you know the stain is still there. An imperfection embedded on your room. So, when should … Read More