Premium Shirt Laundering –  Westchester, NY

Professionally launder my shirts

While many of today’s dress shirts can be washed in the normal laundry, having a professional cleaner take care of cleaning and pressing your dress shirts is a better way to extend the life of this significant investment in your wardrobe. Dress shirts worn on a regular basis experience issues including color loss, ring-around-the-collar, and fabric abrasion that results in holes, punctures and tears. Having your shirts professionally laundered by Embassy Cleaners ensures they receive the best quality care and attention to detail that can improve the wear life of your dress shirts. To extend the life of your quality dress shirts further, it’s a good idea to understand what makes them different from other items of clothing.

Professional laundering increases the lifespan of dress shirts

Most dress shirts have an average wear life of 35-50 washings according to industry experience. That lifespan varies depending on factors such as strain, fiber content, abrasion and laundering procedure. Your high quality work shirts endure daily trials similar to other shirts, but require special attention for proper care.

Launder your clothing if it gets sweaty to avoid damage

Sweat marks on shirts can eventually transform into stains if the sweat remains on the garment too long. Sweat and antiperspirants weaken the fabric, which makes it prone to damage such as tears and holes in the underarms of the shirts during normal laundering. To help minimize sweat damage, allow deodorants and antiperspirants time to dry before you put on the shirt and wash the shirt promptly after you wear it.

Reduce the likelihood of pinholes by having your shirts professionally laundered

Due to the weaving process of Oxford cloth, pinholes are a common problem in these types of shirts. The unique construction of Oxford shirts causes tiny, random holes to appear throughout the garment, which means they require delicate care and cleaning. Oxford shirts made of a cotton and polyester blend and those with heavier yard are less susceptible to pinholes, but any Oxford weave can suffer from pinholes during normal wear and washing.

Professional shirt laundering to preserve collars and cuffs

When the fabric used for interfacing in the collar, cuffs and placket fronts of your shirt wasn’t preshrunk correctly or didn’t fuse properly during creation, the outer fabric becomes larger than the interfacing after washing. This difference in size results in wrinkles or puckers when the shirt is pressed. The excess material from incorrect assembly means that it’s challenging and sometimes impossible to achieve a smooth finish and it’s best to return the shirt to the place of purchase.

Advantages of professional shirt laundering

The better care you take of your high-quality shirts, the longer they’ll last. Professional shirt laundering takes the guesswork out of proper cleaning and pressing. Premium shirt laundering services from Embassy Cleaners includes washing your shirts in 142 degrees with natural oxidizers and biodegradable detergents that provide optimum brightness, renewed freshness, and maximum cleanliness. Collars and cuffs come out cleaner as we pretreat stains and after cleaning, every part of the shirt lays properly. Your shirts will last longer because our ideal washing temperature helps prevent damage and shrinkage. With our expert pressing and packaging services, your shirts always have a finished, crisp appearance.

Professionally launder my shirts