Freezer Suits and Cold Storage Clothing Cleaning – New York

Freezer Suits and Cold Storage Clothing are integral components of your operations, and it is important that they are cleaned and maintained by a vendor you can count on. Nationally known and locally respected for more than 80 years, Embassy Cleaners utilizes sophisticated systems and operations capabilities to ensure that your expectations are reliably and consistently met.

How does Embassy Cleaners take care of your needs? It all starts with our experienced, fully-engaged and long-tenured staff and management, who provide the backbone of our efforts which have led to our selection as one America’s Best Cleaners annually since 2004. Embassy is one of fewer than 30 dry cleaners chosen annually out of approximately 40,000 dry cleaners nationally.

How does the process work?

  • Pick-up and delivery of your Freezer Suits and Cold Storage Clothing will be performed on a regular schedule by a driver who is assigned and dedicated to your account.
  • Barcoded identification labels will be inconspicuously attached to your Freezer Suits and Cold Storage Clothing to ensure flawless tracking throughout the entire process.
  • Your Freezer Suits and Cold Storage Clothing will be professionally cleaned and sanitized using high-end detergents and cleaning solutions.
  • Your garments will then be assembled, packaged and prepared for delivery back to your facility.
  • Industry leading software provides tracking capabilities that include date, time, and location tracking of your pick-ups and deliveries.

Embassy Cleaners offers environmentally friendly dry cleaning and laundry services.

  • Dry Cleaning is performed using Solvon K4, which is an environmentally friendly solvent made from corn.
  • Wet Cleaning utilizes sophisticated specialty equipment that allows us to perform a water-based process to clean “dry clean only” garments without the risk of shrinkage that would typically result when using water in the cleaning process.
  • Routing software and messaging are used to ensure all of our delivery vehicles are optimally routed every day. This increased level of efficiency results in a meaningful reduction of fuel consumption, and a smaller carbon footprint, considering our vehicles make approximately 500 stops each day.
  • Biodegradable bags, instead of standard plastic bags, are used to package garments and textiles upon completion of the cleaning process. This initiative alone saves approximately 20,000 pounds of slow degrading plastic from landfills.

To set up scheduled cleaning service for your Freezer Suits and Cold Storage Clothing, please contact Embassy Cleaners today at 914-386-2032, or