Tips for Cleaning Tablecloths

wine staining tablecloth

If you hosted summer events and have been holding football parties lately, it’s highly likely that your tablecloths have endured their share of use, abuse and stains. With big holidays coming up rather soon, it’s the perfect time to get those tablecloths cleaned. Having tablecloths spotless means they’re ready to go for every big meal and family celebration you have … Read More

Removing Football Snack Stains From Your Carpets

We can remove stains that happen while watching football

Football season is upon us, which means social gatherings around the television complete with delicious snacks and drinks. Unfortunately, in the exuberance of exciting plays, touchdowns and bad calls, accidents inevitably happen and soda, dips, wings and other snacks end up fumbled onto the carpets. To avoid carpet stains that can ruin the enjoyment of the game, here are few … Read More

6 Common Stains and How to Clean them

Remove common stains from clothing

As spring transitions into summer, your clothing can transition from clean to dirty rather quickly. Between mud, rain, cut grass, and spring and summer activities, clothing can take a beating—suffering stains and damage. Thankfully, there are ways to treat and clean various stains, and if you can’t get them out at home, or are unsure about treating certain types of … Read More