Why you should seek the services of a dry cleaner

Why you should seek the services of a dry cleaner

Stained fabrics are never easy to clean. Yes, you may have all the stain removal products at your disposal, but without the proper guidance, you stand a genuine risk of causing irreversible damage to your favorite garments. However, the most effective remedy for any kind of stain is to take them to a responsible dry cleaner. Dry cleaning service is environment-friendly and … Read More

Top 3 Ways To Clean Your Fabric Wall Covering

Top 3 Ways to Clean your Fabric Wall Covering

For cozy walls, nothing feels as good as fabric. Fabric adds warmth and a unique cozy texture you can’t acquire from wallpaper or paint. The fabric is also great for covering imperfect walls and for sound dampening. Most homeowners use bright, elegant, unusual and protective materials to decorate their walls. Since it is fabric, cleaning is essential to maintain its … Read More

A Care Guide: Repair Tips for Tailored Pants

A Care Guide: Repair Tips for Tailored Pants

During the summer season, your dress pants get a lot of use. From summer weddings to work parties to fancy dinners while vacationing, you probably wore your dress pants a lot these past few months. Chances are pretty good that your tailored pants were snagged at some point. Here is your guide for pants repair (tailored pants). What type of … Read More

The 6 Biggest Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The 6 Biggest Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Your carpet is one of the larger decorating investments that you make in your home. It’s likely that you took considerable care in choosing the color, material and pattern of your home’s carpet. When you take good care of your carpet, it can last for many years. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning. In an effort to … Read More

How to Care For Your Leather

If you are own or are investing in leather apparel or a leather product you want to do everything possible to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. With proper care, leather is one of the most lasting materials available for apparel and accessories. Here are some tips to care for your leather. Don’t Weigh It Down Keep your … Read More

4 Myths About Carpet Cleaning

There are many myths that linger about carpet cleaning and carpets in general.  Here are some of the more common ones that you might have heard about keeping your carpets clean. 1. If you vacuum too often, you’ll wear out the carpet faster. In the past, carpets were not manufactured to be as durable as they are now. The density … Read More

Upholstered Sofa Cleaning: Your Complete Guide

Upholstered sofas are a favorite among homeowners and designers alike. Not only are they available in a range of different styles, colors and designs, upholstered sofas add a welcoming touch of comfort to any decor. A much as you love this piece of furniture, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your upholstered couch, though, you might be a little … Read More

What are Tailored Suits?

You may be accustomed to buying your suits off the rack. The term off the rack simply refers to a garment that is manufactured in bulk, and widely available in an array of retail outlets. Off the rack suits are not custom made for you. Suits that are custom made are called bespoke suits. These are specialty, one-of-a-kind garments that … Read More

Adding Rugs to your Home Adds Comfort and Warmth

adding rugs to your home

If you’re looking for an easy way to add comfort, style, and functionality to your home, consider adding rugs. Rugs are versatile and can be used in many ways you’ve probably not considered. Kitchen rugs add warmth and comfort. Use a rug in the bathroom to help with splashes, as well as preventing the discomfort of bare feet on cold … Read More

Luxury Closet Storage for Your Unique Pieces

luxury closet storage for unique pieces

If there’s a downside to owning a luxurious and discriminating wardrobe, it may be that you don’t have enough closet space to store all your valuable apparel. Even if you do have a spacious walk-in closet, it’s unlikely that you have the correct climate for long-term storage of infrequently worn garments. The Dangers of Improper Long-Term Storage Garments can become … Read More