Luxury Bed Linen Cleaning Services – Westchester, NY

How do you get started?

It’s easy! You can set up a free delivery and pick up either by contacting us here, or by sending us an email to and let us do the rest.

Why should you use Embassy cleaners to launder your linen instead of washing them at home?

Your linens are very fine textiles that need to be professionally laundered using specialized detergents to maintain the longevity of the fabric and to obtain optimal cleanliness. At Embassy cleaners we only use a professional high-grade detergent specially imported from Germany. Products of this type and quality are not available to the general public and provide a deeper clean while protecting the fabric.

Additionally, our specially trained personnel will hand press your linen. The result will be to deliver a crisp, unwrinkled finish just like those offered at a 5-star hotel or luxury resort. Your house staff is unlikely to be able to achieve this high level of luxury pressing standard. Not only that but by using our service you free them from performing a very time-consuming activity.

No contact, no problem!

In the ever-changing dynamics of our world, Embassy Cleaners is taking all of the necessary precautions during your entire experience with us. We will handle picking up your cushions and umbrellas right from your backyard or garage and getting them to our facility. From there, our team of Embassy experts will treat your patio furniture with environmentally friendly dry and wet cleaning processes. Lackluster cushions and umbrellas get a much-needed burst of life to look new again. Everything will be hand-delivered back to your home, and you will never lift a finger. No stress, no contact, no work on your end. Just total confidence that your furniture will look fantastic when you get it back.

Why use Embassy cleaners instead of your regular dry cleaner?

Most cleaners use an automated machine press to iron out your linen. The result is less than satisfactory because it frequently results in wrinkled sheets. At Embassy cleaners we only hand press your linen which provides a finer, wrinkle free, more consistent result.

Areas serviced

Westchester County | Fairfield County | New York City
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