What to Do After A Fire: Smoke Damage Cleanup Tips

smoke damage cleanup

Fire departments around the United States will respond to over 300,000 house fires this year alone. While the structures of many of these homes are saved, smoke damage can still cause complications. Putting out a fire is only half of the battle. Smoke can easily build up causing further damage, and repairing it can be a timely and involved process. Fortunately, there are … Read More

Why Upholstery Cleaning is Important: How to Deep Clean Your Home

upholstery cleaning

Few places in your home see more action than your sofa. It’s a seat, a beverage stand, a place of recovery when you’re ill and a convenience for guests looking to secretly wipe stained hands. Upholstery cleaning might sound like a chore reserved for the rich and famous, but Millenials and parents are two demographics that deep clean the most. … Read More