Tailoring By Professionals: Why It’s So Important

professional tailor

Most people end up buying clothes that get advertised in particular sizes. Each year, millions of us have to spend countless hours trying on items until we find garments that fit. As you can imagine, it’s a ritual that we’d rather not have to endure, but we feel we have no choice. It’s a common assumption that tailoring is only … Read More

Ironing For 101 Hours?! Let Us Iron For You

daniel surya ironing for 101 hours

Ironing is one of those household chores that most people seldom relish. It’s time-consuming and not much fun when you have a pile of shirts to iron! As a result, some folks decide to adopt unconventional ways to keep their shirts looking good. For many, this involves hanging them up after washing and drying them in the sun. Some people … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Curtain Cleaning

professional curtain cleaning

We all know about the importance of cleaning our homes. But, some people don’t usually take the time to clean their curtains! As you know, the job of a curtain is to keep light out and heat in a room. In the summer, we can draw our curtains to keep our bedrooms cool during the day. They also increase the … Read More

Fireproofing NYC: We are the Experts

Fireproofing NYC Experts

Fires can be utterly and completely devastating. They can destroy your property, take lives, and cause life-changing injuries. That’s why it’s important that when it comes to fire safety, you take all the right steps to ensure that your property is protected. This doesn’t only mean having smoke alarms installed; there’s a lot more to it than that. At Embassy … Read More