How to Double The Life of Your Carpet and Save Thousands

How to double the life of your carpet by cleaning

It’s no secret that buying new carpets can often turn into a big expense. It’s also a common fact that fitting new carpets often means you have to spend three or four-figure sums. However, what you may not know is that you can avoid having to do that! When we go to the expense of buying a new carpet, we … Read More

10 Answers About Professionally Fireproofing Fabric

professionally fireproofing fabric

You will no doubt want to make your property as safe as possible. There are many ways to do so. They range from upgrading electrical wiring to observing safety warnings on appliances. However, some people don’t consider that the fabrics in their properties can be fire hazards. These days, most of the things you buy new, such as furniture and … Read More

Why You Should Stop Laundering Your Own Work Shirts

professional pickup delivery dry cleaning laundering

Are you still laundering your shirts and completing your cleaning. You may want to reconsider and instead, get someone else to finish the job for you. Let’s face it, we all hate doing our laundry. This way, you can cross that chore off your list for good. Additionally, you’ll still be guaranteed an excellent service. Here are some of the … Read More

When To Panic Because of a Carpet Stain

cleaning carpet stain

When you want to have a clean house, a carpet stain can be a nightmare. You want your home or office to look beautiful. Yet, there’s that stain, on the floor, almost staring at you. You can cover it up with a rug, but you know the stain is still there. An imperfection embedded on your room. So, when should … Read More

You Spilled Wine on Your Sofa. Now What?

Glass of red wine spilled on sofa upholstered furniture

We all enjoy a glass of red wine now and then. It makes the perfect accompaniment after a long day at work or when you’re socializing with friends. However, as enjoyable as a glass of wine can be, it can be a nightmare when it gets spilled on your upholstered furniture. Without knowing what to do, your sofa or armchair … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Water Damage

Water damage house floating on life raft

Many things can happen and result in water damage in your home. Perhaps a burst pipe, a broken washing machine; you name it. Regardless of the cause, it’s crucial that you deal with the damage immediately. The longer you leave water damage in your home, the worse it will be. Bearing that in mind, we’ve come up with a guide … Read More