Clothing, Carpet, and Pets Stains… Oh My…

Cleaning pet stains from items in your home

If you have pets, you know what great companions, fitness partners and loving creatures they can be, but they can also present problems when it comes to your clothing. Having cat and/or dog hair all over the house seems unavoidable at times and usually easy to fix with a good vacuum and mopping, but muddy paw prints, hair, dander, and … Read More

The Truth about Homemade Detergents

homemade detergent

One of the latest internet fads related to the cleaning industry is the growing number of recipes for homemade detergent. The idea behind it seems to be that making your own detergent is cheaper and better for the environment, but that’s not necessarily the case. Some of these homemade detergents can even damage your clothing and while the ingredients may … Read More

Custom tailoring is the key to amazing-looking clothing

Scissors and measuring tape with clothing - custom tailoring photo

Today’s “ready to wear” styles aren’t designed to ideally suit everyone’s body type, and if you don’t fit the clothing dimensions, it can be a struggle to put together a workable wardrobe. That’s where custom tailoring from Embassy Cleaners comes in, as our experts help you cultivate a closet-full of high-quality items that you love to wear and that stand … Read More

Back to School Dry Cleaning Tips

Back to school clothing cleaning and tailoring

The time of back to school stress, anxiety, excitement, and mayhem is fast approaching and parents are frantically shopping for school supplies and clothing. Fortunately, with a few helpful tips, parents can prepare themselves for unexpected clothing related emergencies and salvage children’s clothing with the help of alterations and stain treatments. With Embassy Cleaners on your side with tailoring and … Read More

Cleaning Allergen Sources in the Home

Cleaning allergen sources in the home

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, you may be surprised to learn that they’re not all triggered by the outdoors. Research has shown that the inside of the average home in the U.S. can contain twice the pollution levels found outside. The good news is that by cleaning certain areas of your home, you can reduce the allergens and … Read More

If you have kids and carpets, this is a must-read

Cleaning kid-caused carpet stains

 Summer break means the kids are spending more time both inside and outside your home, tracking in a variety of new stains and problems. Grass stains, mud, spilled drinks and condiments from summer food can all cause unsightly, damaging stains in the summer from your playful children. It’s best to have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove all stains, … Read More