Prolong your Dress Suit’s Life with Professional Cleaning

Clean Men's Suit

When you’ve invested the time and money in finding a quality dress suit, you want to make sure you take the best care of it, so it lasts and maintains its sharpness. Knowing when to clean a good suit can be tricky because it’s not usually a daily wear item. You may even believe that it doesn’t require cleaning at … Read More

6 Common Stains and How to Clean them

Remove common stains from clothing

As spring transitions into summer, your clothing can transition from clean to dirty rather quickly. Between mud, rain, cut grass, and spring and summer activities, clothing can take a beating—suffering stains and damage. Thankfully, there are ways to treat and clean various stains, and if you can’t get them out at home, or are unsure about treating certain types of … Read More

Pet-Friendly Upholstery Options

Pet-Friendly Upholstery

Having pets as companions can be a very rewarding experience, but it’s not easy on furniture upholstery. Even the most well-trained dogs cause trouble sometimes, and cats rarely respect furniture rules, so choosing the right upholstery makes your life easier and ensures furnishings are durable and easier to clean. Possible pet damage Dogs and cats can damage upholstery in some … Read More

DIY: How to Clean Leather

DIY How to clean leather

Cleaning your leather items, including clothing (like leather jackets) and upholstery, isn’t the same as cleaning items made of other natural or manufactured materials. Leather comes from the hide of various animals, with unique qualities, which require special care. It’s distressing when your leather furniture or leather upholstery has a stain, but with some helpful tips, you can clean it … Read More