5 Ways to Keep Your Favorite White Button-Down Looking Fresh

white button down shirt

It’s a staple of your wardrobe, an easy go-to match for a quick outfit. It’s an adaptable friend and a professional statement. It’s your favorite white button-down shirt, and while this steady standby of your closet may be far from bulletproof, we have a few tips that can help you keep it fresh and ready to go at a moment’s … Read More

The Importance of Professionally Cleaning Upholstered Outdoor Furniture

cleaning upholstered outdoor furniture

Outdoor upholstered furniture, though resistant to stains and mildew, still needs to be cleaned from time to time. They are typically made with solution-dyed yarns which make them more suitable for outdoor use. Other fabrics suitable for outdoor use include vinyl-coated fabrics, which typically contain mildew-inhibiting and ultraviolet-resistant ingredients, adding to their overall lifespan. Though resistant to stains and mildew, … Read More