10 Ways Men Are Dressing Totally Wrong [VIDEO with transcript]

man dressed wrong

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Totally Wrong by buzzfeedvideo 1. Don’t just push up your sleeves or roll them up like a politician. Try the master sleeve roll: 2. Don’t wear jeans that are too large or too tight.  If you can fit two fingers comfortably between the hip and the waistband, you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit. … Read More

Fireproofing – NYC – Fireproofing Draperies in a Restaurant

We recently finished fireproofing the curtains in a beautiful restaurant in NYC called The Leopard at des Artistes. When they bought and renovated the place in 2011, new draperies were installed. They went with a gorgeous, loose weave linen fabric for the draperies. While high quality and beautiful, this fabric is not pre-treated to render them fire resistant. Certain synthetic drapery fabrics … Read More